Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Create cards with Jeart, Kutz, BzB, Double Do, X Cut die cutting machines

Introducing a collection of die shapes also known as Double Do, X Cut Impress, Jeart, Kutz, BzB that share similar shapes. I also have in stock portable roller cut machines in baby pink and pastel green to use with these dies. If you are interested in buying the machine or the die shapes shown below or would like to know the unbeatable prices that I offer, send your enquiries to lbylaura@yahoo.com. Feel free to use the chat box as well.

Feast your eyes on these versatile die shapes to create cards for all occasion and making embellishments for scrapbooking as well. They work very well with almost all of the die cutting machines found in the craft industry such as Kutz, BzB and K Kingdom, Double Do, X Cut Impress and even Sizzix, Quikutz and Accucut die cutting machines.

These bookmark dies can also be used as decorative background.

I've made cards with these lovely dies, check them out in my previous post.

I also carry a selection of embossing dies.

These are the border dies.


Moster Lene said...

Do you still sell these dies?

Moster Lene said...

Please reply!!