Monday, September 1, 2008


Words cannot describe our gratitude to teachers for bringing the best out of our children intellectually and morally.

I have a request from friends to make cards with Bookmark Pencil and Book die shapes. These are from Jeart Bookmark 10000028-12/Double Do Pencil and Book die shapes. The printed paper is downloaded from papercraftinspirationsmagazine as mentioned in my earlier blog.

This makes a wonderful thank you card for school teachers. The alphabets T H A N K S are stamped and cut out.


hemant said...

Handmade cards are more beautiful than other cards because handmade cards shows person emotions and this card is made very neatly.


neha trehan


rubberseeds said...

I almost couldn't believe my eyes for the very creative,unique and beautiful cards you made.You are very talented and full of love for the Lord and all the people around you.God bless you always.