Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wedding Invitation Card

A dear church friend has requested that I help her make Wedding Invitation cards for her precious daughter's upcoming Big Day. I have never made wedding invitation card and it makes me nervous thinking of making "formal" cards for giving out. However, I love the challenge of making cards for all occasion so I tell myself why not. I've to make more than 20 cards and I get bored easily making too many cards with one design so I might have to come up with a few designs and get inspiration from other cardmakers, books, magazines....

I love lilies for wedding bouquet...did I have lilies for my wedding bouquet?...gotta ask my better half if I did or didn't. It's been over 21 years that we are married and I can't remember the details :( Anyway, the lilies are made from heart shapes, one bigger one for the lillies and one for the bottom part (whatever it's called lol....)

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