Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chunky Paper Bag Album with the Lot -Part 1 of 3

For a long while I had been wanting to own one of those beautiful and intrigue paper bag albums which I had seen over and over in YouTube. At first I could not comprehend how some flimsy lunch bags can transform into the most beautiful scrapbook albums I have ever seen. I went to Search Engine and Google on the topic. I found a tutorial there and from that day on, I don't see paper bags as just some flimsy lunch brown bags but a precious craft item. Part of the reason for it is because the stores here don't sell the square-bottomed lunch paper bags. I had to ask my auntie from United States to bring a pack home while she was here on vacation.
Finally, I was able to rise up and take the challenge of attempting the Paper Bag Album project and the end result is a beautiful scrapbook album I can call my own. There are a lot more to do with it, putting in photographs and writing journals and adding more embellishments as  I go along. I can't wait! Keeping memories in beautiful albums is a lifetime keeper. This is my first paper bag album and it sure isn't going to be the last.
I am ever so thankful for those generous and creative crafters who  share their album and card designs, ideas, tutorials and time that have inspired me to come up with my own modification of the designs and in return share my creative ideas here. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.
I hope this note will be an encouragement to all crafters that if I make a paper bag scrapbook album, so can you :) Hope you'll have as much fun as I have had!


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Jo said...

Hi Laura,
Finally got to see some more of your gorgeous works on your blog! Beautiful beautiful album! Keep it up?! :PPP

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Aarti said...

Auntie Laura, Love your post ;)

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