Friday, July 18, 2008

Of flowers and hearts

Embossed dies such as this Jeart 3500188 Butterfly#22 make a defined statement of its own. You can leave it as it is or color it or even cut around it for its shape. I embossed the butterfly on tracing/vellum paper and make the concertina (fold to form a fan). Other die shapes used are Jeart 1200691 Bottle#1/Vase.

Embossed hearts - Jeart 3500159 and cut out Jeart 1710008 Hearts#1 make a nice combination for a "love" card. There are a lot of heart shapes in this card, a picture paints a thousand words, so they say. That's why there's no wording here! When I made this I was thinking of my mom - she has the most kind, loving, giving and gentle heart and no amount of words can describe my love for her so the more hearts the better. Other die used here is Jeart 1800007 Border Lace#6.

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Paula said...

This is a beautiful card and I specially love the embossed part of it. I have some embossing stencils but somehow haven't given them much use because I just didn't know how to. Thank you for showing how it can de done with beautiful results.