Thursday, July 17, 2008

You Make Me Happy

I used baby blue corrugated cardstock as background. The die shapes are Jeart Dog, Spray and Sunflower. The kite is Accucut die shape.

I find this Dog shape die truly versatile, the body of the dog is turned into a dog's face looking up!

For the face, I snip off the legs and tail. Draw a happy face; use inner cut out of the dog's paw as nose and the small flag in the dog's body as tongue. Color the ears and outline the paws.

These cut butterflies are Jeart Spray die shapes. I color them pink and green and lightly outline with clear gloss.

Pieces of cut outs before assembling. The kite is cut out of foam. The sunflower is made from few daisies and small flowers in the middle.

This card makes a happy card :) The puppy is sniffing the butterflies and fresh summer air in the garden. You can tell by this card that I am in such a joyful mood when experiencing creativeness flowing through me.

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