Saturday, June 14, 2008

A lazy, relaxing & fun afternoon at YMCA camp resort. This nature preserved hideaway is only about 40 minutes drive from Sibu town. One of our favorite family picnic spots. This is a good way for children to meet and interact with each other through food and fun and steering them away from stress of homework, computer games, psp, handphone sms, ipod, nintendo wii, msn chat, etc. Moms and dads have great time barbecuing and enjoying each other's friendship as well.

"kompia" on charcoal grill

Jungle trekking in lush, exhilarating and oh so green and fresh jungle air!

Town kids embracing calm and peace in jungle surrounding. It took us four hours to trek through mushy soil, cool swallow streams and slippery slopes. Soiled all over but fun and laughter matter most.

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