Monday, June 23, 2008


There are a couple of Jeart die shapes used to make this card.

Roll and cut out the dog die with different colored papers, depending on what color you want your dog to look like. Refer to blog archive under "Fan of dogs".

Cut outs of dogs.

Cut a backing for the dog body by cutting card paper around the dog shape.

For 3-D effect, cut small pieces of foam tape and stick around the die cut.

Stick backing on.

To give the dog's paw a two-colored tone, cut two pieces of different colors and glue one on top of the other.

Color the flap of the body which is used here for dog's tongue.

The pieces are now ready for assemble. You can play around to find your ideal dog.

A cheerful playful dog.

Dog with collar.

Cut out balloon with balloon die shape.

Stick tiny foam tapes for 3-D effect.
Stick a backing of different color to give two-color tone.

Cut out the card size with cardstock paper. Cut another of slightly smaller size and glue onto the card.

The card is ready to be decorated with embellishments.

Cut a tag out of tag die shape.

The finished card with stamped messages.


phe said...

hi aunty laura,
i LOVE your blog!!!! i just found out today cos i haven't been able to online for quite a while already.. i'll keep coming back for more great stuffs!! i love all the cards you made..

jojoting65 said...

WOW! getting better everyday! Will be checking back all the time! Keep going!

nigelsim said...

thx for the wonderful ideas!