Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This is a fun and sweet card to make for friends or daughters or daughters-in-law :) to remind them how much they mean to us - they would even sacrifice their time to spend hours upon hours of window shopping with us!

You'll need papers, pattern and cardstock; die cut outs (I use Jeart 10000020-12 Dog# 1, 1701104-12 Gift Tag and 1710028 Square#1/butterfly frame); punches - oval and sakura flower for piggy's nose and feet; ribbon; gem sparkles in tear drop and flower shape (normally used for nail painting- I found these at hair accessories shop); colored pens; foam tape, double sticky tape, white craft glue and pointed toothpick for picking up teeny weeny bits.

Cut out shapes required with roller-cut machine. Optional: draw out shape and cut out.

I use an oval punch for piggy's nose. Optional: Draw an oval shape and cut out.

Sakura flower is excellent for piggy's feet. Outline with dark pen.

Assemble and use foam tape for 3-D effect. Glue gem sparkles onto butterfly, piggy's forehead, etc.

3-D effect. I use pink foam paper for piggy's dottie nose. They're cut out from the eyes of dog's die shape.

After decorating and assembling, glue the finished piece onto cardstock, use glue or double sticky tape.

Finish off with messages and other embellishments of your liking. I add quilled flower and leaves made from strips of colored papers.


pauline said...

this is just so nice...
i wanna make one for my best friend too =)

Bentuckee said...

Auntie Laura! I'm so amazed by this blog! It's all ur works! and they are so so lovely!
Keep up the good works!! Live up ur passion for Christ! yeah!

Anonymous said...

i dont have the supplies! what can i use instead of those supplies?

Anonymous said...