Monday, June 23, 2008


Christmas card

You'll need pattern papers (don't have to follow exactly the same pattern here), solid colored paper as contrast (seen here in red), paints (acrylic or watercolor pencils or whatever you prefer to use), double sided sticky tape, foam tape and ribbon (any color). I use acrylic paint here.

Cut pattern papers to the size of the card you prefer. Mine's a rectangular shape.

Fold and crease thick card paper.
Color the cut outs. I use hollies and color the leaves green and berries red.

Make a backing for the pocket. Glue pattern paper over card paper.

Punch a semi circle in the middle of the pocket envelope. You can also draw a semi circle and cut with scissors.

Stick double sticky tape around the edge of pocket envelope to create a pocket.

Cut small pieces of foam tape and stick to embellishments to give the 3-D effect.

Decorate with ribbon.

Cut tiny piece of sticky tape to stick underside of ribbon bow to stick on paper.

Cut out a tag (of any shape you like ) to keep inside the pocket. Decorate as you wish.

I stamped mine with words and decorate with a small ribbon. You can handwrite messages if you don't have rubber stamps.

Finished card looks like this.


Joana said...

Whao! You are quick! Looking forward to more step-by-step guides. ;-)

esther said...

Looks easy Laura. You've got me hooked now.

Katetricia said...

Not sure if I am bit too late to respond, but I like your DIY Christmas Card ideas !! it's Brilliant ! Thanks for taking time to explain :)