Saturday, December 20, 2008

Break for holiday season

5 days to Christmas Day and the holiday mood is setting on. When the children were young I would be the one taking out the Christmas tree and getting everyone to take part in decorating the tree with ornaments and lights. I have to admit it, the thought of stacking up the branches and assembling the tree and taking down and packing it back into the box and carefully wrapping the fragile ornaments and lights is deterring me from making the first move to put the tree up. But I am so glad this putting-up-tree tradition in our family (so we can put presents underneath the tree) is embraced by the children and now they are the ones initiating the move. While I appreciate their effort I also enjoy hearing the laughter and cold jokes transpired among the four siblings while I click these precious moments for the family album.

This beautiful Christmas tree has brought us years of family warmth and memories together.

At times like this I have to break away from my addiction of card making and scrapbooking and seriously get down to cleaning up the mess in my little craft corner :D Not a pretty sight, is it!? LOL...
I hope you share the same Christmas sentiment with me - to make time and spend time with family for this is a season to share and give our love and time to our loved ones. May God bless you and yours with an extra measure of His love and may this Christmas be the merriest and brightest you've ever experienced! Merry Christmas!

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Jo said...

Hey! Great to see your CHristmas tree up too! Thanks for being there for me! HAve a wonderful & blessed Christmas to you all! HAve fun! Merry Christmas!