Monday, December 1, 2008

Sweet Sixteen

I bought some pretty ribbons in assorted colors and got down to making cards with them. The doll cut out is from Jeart 1701083 - Bride and 1710037 - Dress#4. I wrap pink ribbon around the gown to make a pretty gown. I don't have a daughter but I think sixteen is a really special age for a girl (that's why this is a pretty card) where she's turning into a sweet young lady and really fun to be with, lots of teenage issues to share and guide her with and she'll really appreciate your spending time with her.

Inside of the card. I'm using a phone camera to take pictures of these cards and hope the picture quality is just as good. My camera is sent for repair with faulty flash and I have run out of patience for its return so I've to make do of my husband's handphone camera for the time being.

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